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The role of Rong Fei is not only not heavy, but also a soy sauce. But Chen Yao's performance is particularly interesting. Tong Yichun has been a director for so many years. He can see whether the actors have strength and spirit by looking at each other's plays. Previously, as soon as Chen Yi arrived on the set, he was paralyzed, doing nothing and playing with his cell phone. His attitude was that he would be as careless as he could be. Tong Yichun didn't care. Anyway, he was a vase, and his acting skills were not required. But now he knows that Chen Yi is not indifferent, but has a plan in mind. It's like asking a graduate student to do the math test paper for the first grade of primary school. What else does she need to consider? Lu Zheng looked at Rong Fei's shy and timid face, although her smile was only a moment and soon restored the arrogant and contemptuous face of the ministers, but when he recalled it, he always felt familiar, that expression. Where did he see it? Lu Zheng's memory was still fresh. Chen Yao was the only woman he had really tried to pursue, and the only one who had not been rejected or even succeeded with him for two years. In fact, Lu Zheng was not the kind of person who could hold back, but he felt that he was pinched by Chen Yao. As long as she showed a little reluctance, he could not force her. After two years of love, he didn't even touch her body. Qiu Simin noticed that Lu Zheng's expression changed again and again, originally wanted Lu Zheng to give Chen Yao some color to see,side impact door beams, who knows Lu Zheng stood for a long time unexpectedly so left! Qiu Simin felt no good, very not easy to meet one side, she can not miss this good opportunity, hurried to catch up, anyway, the next play is not her play. But before chasing out, he looked back at Chen Yao and gritted his teeth. What's wrong with picking up the leak? How many people can't beg Lu Zheng to pick up the leak! Chen Yao's part of the play is really small,beam impact tubes, she sat on Han Mingye's thigh, Han Mingye finished his lines, she should end. But because of this, her head was heavy. When she got up from his legs, she shook it. A pair of big hands quickly supported her. In just a few seconds, as soon as Chen Yi stood firm, the hands left very gentlemanly. Han Mingye's deep and gentle voice told her: "Be careful." And then he said, "Well done." Chen Yao looked back at him slowly and smiled brightly: "I know." Han Mingye was stupefied for a moment, then shook his head and chuckled, such a fire-like little girl, or the first time I met. He rarely praised people, did not expect a sincere word even a thank you, but Chen Yao's confident attitude made him feel very good, aluminium coated tubes ,side impact beams, how many people can live bright and flamboyant? And this time Jiang yuanbai's attitude toward Chen Yao also changed, and he stretched out his hand to help her. Chen Yao would not let this 40-year-old man take advantage of him. Although he still looked very handsome and tasty, she Chen Yao was narrow-minded and quite vindictive. From the first meeting to now, Jiang yuanbai rolled his eyes at her 127 times and sighed 244 times. Moreover, the man's words were very mean and vicious, and every word and sentence was written down in Chen Yao's small notebook. She was very patient. Confucius once said, "It's never too late for Chen Yao to take revenge.". Sometimes the person who offends her forgets what is going on and suffers a loss. When Chen Yao is in a good mood, he may reply, "Oh, five years ago, you walked past me on the street and made me stumble.". Yeah, that's how she holds a grudge. Jiang yuanbai is also a smart person. Chen Yao is indifferent to him. Previously, he felt that she did not have self-knowledge, but now it is different. He no longer brings new people these years. Apart from the promotion of his position on the one hand, the biggest reason is that he did not like it. You should know that the people in the circle who have been venomous by him can go around the capital. Why can't he find the pride of a gold medal broker in Chen Yao? Not to mention the pursuit of him, not even a good look. If Chen Yao listens to this, he will definitely laugh at him. You don't even look good to me, but you still want me to hug your thigh and beg you to *** me? Are you kidding me? I call you brother Jiang to give you face. What can I do if I don't call you? She even sold herself. Is it difficult for her to be wronged? She not only remembered Jiang yuanbai's 127 sighs and 244 sighs, but also remembered his contemptuous expression when they first met. No one can look down on her. Is he more beautiful or more intelligent than her? If not, what qualifications do you have to think she is not good? Chen Yao had a total of three scenes today, and then the shooting was finished, earlier than the extras of "Burning the Lamp to Watch the Sword". Others had to lie on the ground and play dead bodies for half a month. She could finish shooting and leave after the third scene in the evening. Had it not been for the role of Rong Fei, in fact, she was not much different from the extras. Although the history books record that Rong Fei died of sudden illness, she is not the protagonist in the film, of course, she will not be given many scenes, let alone dig out her story. Chen Yao knew that even if she was praised by General Manager Li and Han Mingye in the play, it was impossible for her to change beyond recognition. Besides, she wanted to play Rong Fei in order to step on Qiu Simin to avenge her four-piece sofa suit. Chen Yao is greedy, but also sober. In the third scene, Rong Fei died of illness, but Emperor Yongcheng was busy fighting with Zhang Wudao. It was the last moment, and he never saw her for the last time. This is a bit different from the timeline recorded in the history books, because Rong Fei died in the first year after the dictatorship of Emperor Yongcheng. Tong Yichun changed this to a scene in which Chen Yao was given a few extra minutes at the decisive moment. It's a favor. Chen Yao wrote it down. "Don't wait, empress. You'd better rest first. Your Majesty is busy in the front court. The palace man sent a message saying that he can't come back before dawn." The palace maid comforted Rong Fei. She was lying on the bed. When she first appeared on the stage, her gorgeous palace dress had been removed. At the moment, her face was pale and her lips were bloodless, but she could not hide her moving beauty. It seemed that she was no longer the domineering Rong Fei, but an ordinary wife waiting for her husband to come back and look at her. She deserves the word "absolutely gorgeous", and she also deserves the word "out of dust". Even the actress who played the role of a palace maid was almost bewitched. If there was such a favorite imperial concubine,beam impact tubes, which emperor could go to court early! How else to say that Yongcheng Emperor is an eternal emperor, love in front of him, far less than the country.


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