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The old lady looked serious and said, "That child really has no rules. Don't spoil your business. You'd better ask someone to come back and teach her rules and manners." When Xia Zhiyuan heard this, he nodded his head and said, "Mother is thoughtful." Xia's wife was coaxed by Xia Zhiyuan's words, "Mother can rest assured that her son knows the importance." Liu Xiangxue, standing aside, heard Xia Zhiyuan say so, rolled his eyes, but did not object. What is there to object to? Xia Zhiyuan's official career went smoothly, and her status as Mrs. Xia naturally rose with the tide. And if she wants Xia Bingqing to have a bad life, she has thousands of ways: Anyhow is to want to send out, give young much gold handsome and unrestrained childe is to send; Give it to those who are in their seventies or eighties and are in their dotage. That is also a gift. As for who to give it to, it all depends on her mouth. Liu Xiangxue imagined in her mind that she would give Xia Bingqing to a man who looked like an old man in his seventies and eighties, and she was very angry in her heart. Only in this way can we punish the ungrateful woman. I'm tired of beating her daughter. Let her play the last residual heat for her Liu Xiangxue's future. If Shen Wanyu in the countryside knew that her daughter had been given to an old man, she did not know if she would be so angry that she would hang herself? Liu Xiangxue thought that the corners of her mouth could not help showing a smile. In this way, Xia Bingqing stayed at Xia's house, and no one objected. As for the injured Xia Zhilan, originally did not agree; After listening to Liu Xiangxue's words, he couldn't help shouting, "Well, well,Pi tape measure, Niang, you give her to those old men." Xia Zhilan's eyes showed a vicious light, "Let those old men torture her, let her be a widow." Xia Fanghua listened, the heart is also can not help laughing, the bad gas in the chest, finally went some. Chapter 1302 first arriving at the Xia family (14). At the dinner table in the evening,Diameter tape measure, Xia Zhiyuan gave Xia Bingqing a lecture. With a slight sense of shame on her face, Xia Bingqing had a good attitude of admitting her mistake. Xia Zhiyuan was very satisfied with Xia Bingqing's performance. He felt that the child was just used to being wild in the countryside, and he still knew how to save points. Pick it up high and let it go gently. Everyone else was fine with it, and they showed a rare hint of tolerance for a poor woman who was about to be sent out. The summer family eats light food in the evening, mainly porridge, and some small wontons, fried buns, etc; Old Mrs. Xia is old, eats little, and pays attention to health; Eat at most seven points full, and the women of the Xia family in order to maintain a slim figure, but also only drink a few mouthfuls, that's all. Eat the most is Xia Zhiyuan, but Xia Zhiyuan older, but also pay more attention to health, Adhesive fish ruler ,cattle weight tape, drink a bowl of porridge, eat a few fried buns, also forget it. When everyone was about to leave the table, Xia Bingqing was still eating.. Xia Bingqing has a large appetite and fast eating speed. At this time, he has already drunk four bowls of porridge and eaten two plates of fried buns.. The Xia family was dumbfounded, thinking about what the child ate in the countryside? Is this the first time to eat such delicious food? Xia Zhiyuan couldn't help reminding him, "Sleep for a while, eat less, and don't accumulate food." The most important thing is: Do not eat into a big fat, when the time comes who will want a big fat? "Father," Xia Bingqing smiled innocently, "I eat a lot, it's all right." Xia Zhilan couldn't bear to see Xia Bingqing. "What a pig!" She sneered. When the rest of the Xia family heard this, they didn't see it. Xia Zhiyuan frowned and stared at Xia Zhilan, but he didn't open his mouth to accuse anything. But Xia Bingqing looked at Xia Zhilan with a smile and said, "Are you talking about me?" Xia Zhilan raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes. "Besides you, who is still eating on this table?"? Eat so much, it's really a pig. Xia Bingqing could not bear to retort directly, "If I were a pig, I don't know what you are?" Xia Zhilan's angry cheeks were bulging and she was about to say something when Xia Zhiyuan shouted, "Well, don't say it." Then the crowd gave up. After dinner, the Xia family sat in the living room and began to chat. Xia Zhiyuan sat aside and talked to the old lady, while Xia Fanghua said that today he practiced the piano and the teacher learned the fashionable dance, a noble young lady's style. Xia Zhilan also said that she was at school, and which classmates? Xia Yulian is relatively low-key, saying that everything is normal at school; Xia Yulian's mother, Aunt Lin, used to be an actress, and her body was relatively weak. It is said that he fell ill some time ago and was afraid to pass the disease on to the rest of the Xia family, so he offered to live in another small building of the Xia family. That small building is also the property of the Xia family. Before that, the Xia family went to live when they were free, but not when they lived for a long time; That small building is old and dilapidated, where can it compare with the spacious and magnificent old house? So Aunt Lin is not in the old house of the Xia family. Xia Zhilan and Xia Fanghua kept talking about the interesting things in school; Say oneself and the young lady of which high official son befriend; When two people speak, but also from time to time do not have a meaningful look at Xia Bingqing. With pride on his face, he deliberately showed his superiority in front of Xia Bingqing. As if silently laughing at Xia Bingqing's ignorance. They seemed to want to see an envious expression on Xia Bingqing's face; But they are doomed to be disappointed. Chapter 1303 first arriving at the Xia family (15). When Xia Fanghua's two sisters spoke, Xia Bingqing sat aside with a smile and listened to them without speaking. Want to hit her? Trying to make her feel inferior? How interesting From these people's mouths, we can get a lot of useful information. About an hour later, the Xia family began to go upstairs, ready to wash and sleep. Xia Zhiyuan helped Mrs. Xia to walk in the front, while Liu Xiangxue followed Xia Zhiyuan. Xia Zhilan and Xia Fanghua are holding hands, walking behind Liu Xiangxue, two people behind is Xia Bingqing. Xia Bingqing is walking, the corner of the eye, suddenly saw Xia Zhilan actually stretched out a foot.. Xia Linqing sneers, at this time is the corner of the steps,Fish measuring board, if she is tripped, must be to roll downstairs. If it is as Xia Zhilan thought, then she is going to eat a stuffy loss this time. But who is Xia Bingqing.


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