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"The little princess has to start from four years ago, that day you fell down the cliff after the phoenix son took someone to find you, but finally did not come back, we all know that he could not let you go, also let him go, after the extermination of the holy moon religion found before the palace stolen six pieces of Jasper plus ten princes put in my black Jasper is a total of seven pieces." I was afraid of being known by the thief again, so I hid in the secret cabinet in my study. After two or three years, I didn't expect that I was stolen by someone in a moment of carelessness, and it was Feng Er who stole the Jasper! "Li Huijun threw his fist on the table, and his face was full of unwillingness.". I didn't expect Feng'er to steal his master's Jasper in order to save me. No, his master's Jasper is obviously my thing. Feng'er, well done! Huang Yueying raised her thumb in her heart. "Then how can I say that I have hurt Feng?"? I still don't understand. "Niang, let me say," Li Junxing now looks like an implacable enemy of Huang Yueying, the anger in her eyes shot straight at Huang Yueying to burn her to death. Niang didn't suspect Younger Martial Brother Feng at first, because Younger Martial Brother's martial arts were all taught by Niang. Niang hadn't even seen the moves of the man in black that day. Fortunately, Niang paid attention to a few details. When she woke up, she read all the anecdotes in the martial arts world. Finally,best whirlpool tub, she found that the martial arts of the man in black were the long-lost Jade Man's Heart Sutra! "Poof," the tea in Huang Yueying's mouth spurted out. " Haha, the Jade Man Heart Sutra is so funny. I always thought there was only the Jade Girl Heart Sutra. It turns out that there is the Jade Man Heart Sutra. Don't tell me that people who practice that kungfu can't move seven emotions and six desires. Once they move, they will go crazy and say goodbye? Huang Yueying completely ignored the image and fell to the ground laughing. Does the little princess know? Then you are still laughing here. Younger Martial Brother is really wrong about you! "Li Junxing saw that she had no worries and only laughed at herself. He was so angry that he wanted to punch her twice." Am I telling the truth? I'm just talking nonsense. "Little princess, I tell you, now that Feng'er has been in the same room with you,massage bathtub manufacturers, there are only three months to live, and you should take care of yourself!" Li Huijun shook his head, knowing that it was meaningless to go on, and took his angry daughter away. Only three months to live? When Huang Yueying finished digesting their words, he raised his head and wanted to ask clearly, but he didn't know where he had gone. No way, with a belly of doubt and lucky mood Huang Yueying trotted all the way to Huang Yuefeng there. Little princess, what are you doing here? A female official who served Huang Yuefeng blocked the way of Huang Yueying. I have something urgent to find Feng. Get out of the way! "Uh.." Seventeen princes told him not to see anyone today, so, little princess, please go back! "What?"? Then I want to see him more! "Huang Yueying kicked the past, the female officer did not dare to fight back, was kicked, hot tub manufacturers ,outdoor spa manufacturers, fell to the ground.". Huang Yueying took advantage of this time and rushed into the room. Sakura.. Huang Yuefeng was bowing her head to think about things, but when she heard the sound of the door being kicked open, she was hugged by Huang Yueying as soon as she looked back. Feng'er, your master and elder sister have come to see me, they all told me, they said you. Purr The words just said half, Huang Yueying also did not know how the tears flowed down. Huang Yuefeng held her in her arms and kept silent for a long time. Feng, tell me quickly, is this true or not? Is it because of my relationship that I became like this? In fact, no need to ask, Huang Yueying already has the answer in her heart. Yingying, I'm sorry, I wanted to go back to the palace to see if you were safe, but I didn't expect that so many things happened later. It's not your fault, it's my own greed. I want to marry you. I want you. Yingying, don't be sad. It hurts me to watch you cry.. Huang Yuefeng gently wiped away Yingying's tears and gently imprinted a kiss on her eyes. "Feng, there must be a way to save you, isn't there still three months to go?"? There's still time! Huang Yuefeng lowered his head, "it's no use, since I did it, I have to bear the consequences, Yingying." Huang Yueying covered his mouth, "I don't want three months, I want to be with you all my life, Feng you don't say anything, you pay so much for me, now it's my turn to help you!" NND, I don't believe what they said. There must be a way to solve it. Yan Hong and Yan Bing have been walking in Jianghu all the year round. They must know something. And my cousin used to be the leader of the Holy Moon Sect. He must also have a way. So, Feng'er.. I, Huang Yueying, will never let you leave me! Chapter 108 of the main text of the female legend of crossing. Chapter Words: 2231 Updated: 08-09-22 17:21 A long journey The huge hall is now full of people sitting in a room, Huang Yueying next to Feng Er sitting in the middle of the seat, the left and right hands are sitting Huang Yuelian and Huang Yueqing, Hongyi and Hongfeng two brothers sitting below near the side of Huang Yueqing, Huangyuefei came in and took a look, sitting obediently beside the ten elder brothers, fat boy Huangyuejiong is far away from them, sitting in the corner seat. The main reason for calling everyone today is for the sake of Feng'er. Let me briefly explain the situation first. Huang Yueying sat in the middle of the master seat, just want to put on the style of the master was Huang Yuepian took away the right to speak. Huang Yue-lian stood up and turned to look at Huang Yue-feng and said, "I think you all know the general situation of the Seventeen Brothers. Why don't you tell me what you know so that you don't have to work hard?" Is it all clear? I haven't said anything yet. I looked at them in puzzlement. "Do you all know?"? When did this happen? "Yingying,4 person jacuzzi, don't get me wrong. We didn't know until you finished talking with the two mothers and daughters of the Li family." Hongyi blinked her eyes and replied loudly. But after I talked to them, I went to find Feng'er without telling anyone. Huang Yueying is still a little confused. Yingying, don't you know that there is a kind of person called eyeliner in the world? Said Hongyi with a quick mouth.


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